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April 21, 2012
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Queen of Darkness by Clone999 Queen of Darkness by Clone999
"I can be who ever you want me to be"


I don't even....


SVG: [link]
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Me: Uh, Chrysalis, I'm kinda sorta married, I have three kids, and I uh, killed your husband if you don't remember, so, could you just PLEASE stay away from me, like VERY far away from me

Chrysalis: Howdy Sugarcube...

Me: Oh Celestia, she knows my weakness...
Are you trying to seduce me, Chrysalis? Because I think it's working.
"Tolkien's unfinished history of Middle-Earth and the universe of Eš featured a classic example of the battles between good and evil. After creating the worlds, the holy father Eru sent his angels, The Valar, to rule over it. Including Melkor, the one to fall. Melkor was an evil, jealous tyrant who wrought nothing but chaos, and who would be defeated by the Valar many times and eventually captured.
"Eventually, he was released and found his way back to polite company after eons spent imprisoned. Feigning repentance, he once again lived among the Valar of Aman where he hatched an evil plan to steal the light of the world, and violently betray his brethren.
"But, in The Silmarillion, he did not bamboozle God, but the Valar: his angels who created the power of Eš and set the sun in the sky in an age of legend before the dawn of Man. Much like the Kingdom of Heaven before the creation of Earth.
"Now, who would have the power to commit such a heinous treachery? But a trusted love one of their own ilk. Outwardly sweet, but inside the maker of all darkness. To later expel from paradise not by god or Eru, but by a lesser Vala. A lesser Angel!?!"

"Ahh, right. Wait, we're still talking about Chrysalis, right?"

I felt the same way listening to that spiel from BronyCurious, Antony. I felt the same way. And that same feeling came about looking at this picture, paired with the title. I thought, Queen of Darkness? Aren't we talking about Luna when we speak of darkness and the night...? Of course, if you subscribe to the theory that BronyCurious put forward at the end of his critique of A Canterlot Wedding, you would think it is brilliant. (It would also be appropriate in the following manner: the Goddess of the Moon being a shapeshifter, what with the Moon's changing phases and greater degrees of change compared to the much more permanent Sun...)

TL;DR: Title brings to mind crackpot theory that Luna and Chrysalis are one and the same, and makes this picture that much more ominously awesome. Or, awesomely ominous.
you mean you're getting this mail too?!
dammit! luna is starting to ask how i know her and why she's sending me naughty pictures.
Lately, it's stopped, but there was a period where I was getting these pictures.
Particularly when we let chrysalis live in the city, after I convinced celestia to forgive her. 
well you did the right thing
DashieMLPFiM Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Used Here: [link]
DashieMLPFiM Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Used here for a Dubstep Wallpaer Cover:
She's really cute! Best villain evar!
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